Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Looking Back, Looking Out

Owl totem @MSU Gardens this morning
In retrospect, it was surprising how suddenly things changed. One Saturday I'm celebrating my 1920s-themed birthday extravaganza and by Friday of the very next week, classes had been moved online and At was home from college for the rest of the year.

We finally unpacked At's college stuff from his car (it's only been over 40 days, no biggie 😛) and I took all his boxes down to the basement, because Big A uses it for an office space and hence it's now a no-go zone for the kids. (Incidentally, after years, I'm also doing the kids' laundry for that same reason.) 

Anyway, At wanted me to get the box with his PS4 games--but I couldn't remember it. Then At got serious and asked me if I'd seen a box with books. And yes, indeed I had, and had even read the titles on the spines with approval. 

Problem solved--it was in that box. As he put it: "Classic Mama! I knew you'd remember books." 

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