Sunday, April 12, 2020

Daffodils and Delights

A day that was full of surprises: for me--blue skies and a slope of daffodils and birds; for the kids--Easter baskets and an indoors easter-egg hunt.

I plan kids' presents way ahead of time, so I had most of what I needed. I added some candy, chamomile and lavender grow-tins, and lotions on my grocery run ten days ago and we were all set.

At and Nu really lit up with joy for the egg hunt. There were six clues, highly specific to us and extremely silly/simple. When they solved one, they'd find the next clue and so on...
Two here are princesses (in their head)
Sometimes they nap in their princess ----

When it's Friday there are things we do well:
getting bottus, praying to Jeji and ringing the ----

When it's dinner and it's time to eat,
this is where my butt finds a ------.

When the tea garden is in bloom like a glade
Nu- likes us to sit here and sip lemon----------

At put these together when he was a little buddy
Sometimes he sits here when he needs to ---------

When it's a smile on Mama's face you want to see
this is where you go to make her some hot ---------

It made me smile to hear Nu working out that last one "Not where Mama makes herself tea--where we make her tea!" (And hence not the stovetop in the kitchen, but rather the electric kettle in the rumpus room 😍.)

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