Monday, March 09, 2020

The tea

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MacCurdy Women's House's now annual "International Women's Day Tea," and I always chuckle at this Eleanor Roosevelt quote in the dining room.

Over the weekend, I'd received an email from ME, who'd been an exchange student (Russia) a couple of years ago, she wrote: "Dear Maya, hello! Today is International Women's Day and I would like to say some kind words to you! I wish you to have strong health, excellent mood, a lot of energy and more time for devoting yourself to things that bring you a genuine pleasure! I remembered you today, because it was your who sparkled my interest in women's studies two years ago, and called me a feminist..."

Did I choke up when I read that? Yup, I did. I think about students for years after they've left; and this made me too feel remembered... seen. She shared some updates about a DV bill in Russia, and I, in turn, shared her news during other conversations over tea. I have so much hope in young people.

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