Monday, January 06, 2020

Sunrise Snip

"Deep breath of beauty" as the kids and I used to say as we met sunrise over the Maple River on the trip north to school in Alma. First day of the winter term started today, so the memory of those once little voices buoyed me across the day.

Late in the day, a super short visit from At. He said he'd be in town for "Brendan" and I thought it was some pal, because he has a few called "Brannon" or "Brennan" or "Brendan." It turned out that Brandon Betz, the DSA progressive At had campaigned for last year was getting sworn in to office. Heh. 

It was so lovely to see At. It was so lovely of him to just know that we (Nu and Scout and me esp.) would be glad to see him even though he'd officially gone back to college just 36 or so hours ago. 

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