Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Ok, last one--I swear

The walk back from class was glorious, but I'm not even sure all my pictures don't all look the same at this point. It never really looks how it feels anyway--like I'm flying into a blaze of radiance. (And now I'm thinking about the California fires and firefighters and their bravery, and the animals, and the injustice to prisoner-firefighters...)

I needed that moment. Nu didn't want to go to school after our late ER night, At had to stay in town to follow up with the hand doc today and canceled his classes, so the morning was very different from my usual quiet puppies and prep mode.

And then with Big A's early return, it turned into a completely impromptu whole fam-bam reunion. There was Chipotle and TV and teasing and arguing, and I fell asleep on a couch in the midst of all the happy noises.

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