Friday, April 05, 2019

Shower Thoughts

It's likely that I'm in a state of denial, which is why this still makes me chuckle.

I've had a kind of on-again-off again dull pain in my left breast for a while, and while in the shower this morning, I decided to figure out if it had definite origins. (Big A and I had been talking about the politics of breast cancer detection guidelines earlier this week--so that was on my mind.)

What I could feel in my 'underboob' area--possibly why it had been undetected for so long--felt like a couple of smooth Lego blocks. My first thought was that weight training had resulted in some amazing muscle formation. Alas, it's only on one side, so no way, but I chuckle every time I tell this story.

I was kind of hoping that Big A would say I was imagining things, but he said it was a definite "mass" and that I should call my doctor on Monday. So I had to take a some time to compose myself before I could return to our guests at 'Fun Friday Film Fest' and Your Name (B's suggestion, and cute for several age ranges).


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