Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Love and Flowers

Late last night at Meijer... I was beaming by the time I got to the end of the grocery shopping list, because as an addendum to her snack requests, Nu had penned a love note to me. Discussing that at breakfast gave me something else to smile at all day. I had missed bedtime since I had gone grocery shopping right after my book club meeting last night, so I asked Nu if she knew that I had come in to kiss her goodnight after she'd fallen asleep. "Yes," she said, "I know." And then: "I don't remember, because I was asleep, but I know you kissed me goodnight, because you always do that."

The kids are keeping me sane post Santa Fe, post Asifa, post Parkland, post, post, post... Kinda like how although it's wet and cold outside... but at least there are flowers.

moss roses, lobelia, elysium 

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