Thursday, December 27, 2012

Woes and Lows 2012

  • At breaking his collar bone. Breaking my heart by being such a sweetheart about it.
  • Big A breaking his wrist in about ten different places and needing multiple surgeries. Blowing my mind by trying to do every single thing himself.
  • Me catching my hands in a slammed door--it hurts to make a fist or curl my hand around stuff like the steering wheel.
  • Nu wanting to be in the "dumb, doofus dog club" by breaking a bone too. P.S. : WTH?!

  • Coming home to discover that someone had taken a BB gun to our dining room windows.
  • Waking up to discover that the basement drain had flooded an assortment of decay into the house.
  • Waking every morning to intense gratitude and surprise that we weren't assaulted while we slept.
  • Wanting to leave nightmare rental central, but having our extremely reasonable offer on a house dissed, basically.

  • The gun shootings in Aurora.
  • The gun shootings in Wisconsin.
  • The gun shootings in Newtown. 
  • Not being able to go to movies anymore. 
  • Not having been able to send kids to the last three days of school before Christmas break.


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