Saturday, June 18, 2011

Two Worlds Collide

One of the first things Big A did when we moved in together was get rid of the cookware I had left over from when I householded with J, my late husband. Thereafter, he convinced me to replace the car, sundry furniture, my name, and most other remnants of my previously married life. Weird, but also not weird. My mom attributes it to him being a Scorpio (possesive) and is sure the reason I empathize is because I'm a Pisces (wimp). It's a theory.

I've remained on good terms with my former in-laws though, and they've been staunch allies in most of my endeavors, and continue to call from all corners of the world on my birthday and the big Tamil festivals. MA, my sweet sister-in-law, is on a short New York visit and she wants to come spend the weekend with me.

She's coming today: a.k.a. the day Big A and I celebrate our wedding anniversary; a.k.a. awkward!



EH said...

Oh, WOW. That would be strange! But it is awesome that you continue to have a good relationship with your former in-laws. It says a lot about them (and you)!

maya said...

Thanks, EH. It says I'm nuts, no doubt :). I did keep freaking myself out about how strange it would be, and I wished that she didn't have to fly out on our wedding anniversary (something she had no clue about)--but it wasn't at all bad. Bless the children--they're such terrific, natural buffers.