Friday, March 04, 2011

Birth! Day!

So far,
I've snuggled with my family (sleepy kids had to be persuaded),
had a Bossa Nova-fueled workout untrammeled by school dropoffs (the university is--so conveniently--on a midterm break), 
had my hair washed by Big A, 
had a midday cocktail, 
helped Big A bake my birthday cupcakes (I dropped the paper cups into the cupcake pans),
decided to abandon the Joyce Carol Oates after 20 pages in (NOT birthday reading!),
picked out a color to paint the hallways (which may be revised post cocktail buzz), 
had a discussion about Mos Def,
can't wait to pick up the kids, 
and get sushi (and maybe sake?).

I haven't even opened presents yet :). The thing is... on any day--and even today--just one of the things on that list would make me as happy as I can get. (Joyce Carol Oates and Mos Def respectfully excepted.)


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