Sunday, December 07, 2008

It's my party

I'm a sick puppy. No, really--i'm sick. And  i haven't been sick in what seems like years now, so this flu-like discomfort makes me want to cower with my head under the sheets and cry. But i can't because it's the weekend and the kids are home from school but Big A--my crucial partner parent-- is off working a late night shift. And my phone is dead so nobody knows or can come around with soup. Or hug the kids. Because my babies didn't get hugged very much as i spent a lot of time trying not to hold them and breathe my germs on them too much. 

But i think Baby A is sick anyway. I've put her to bed five times this evening and each time she's woken up having barfed on herself from coughing. So that's five times i've changed the sheets. Although, i gave up on giving her a bath after the second time and instead merely sponge her down, change her jammies, pat her all over with hand-sanitizer and call it clean. She's upstairs now coughing in her sleep and whimpering without waking up because she's frustrated that she can't fully fall asleep. That in itself is enough to make a person cry. 

Li'l A is in bed after what's got to be the lamest weekend ever--one where he tried to wait on me: Do you want Vicks? When your throat lozenges are gone JUST tell ME, I'LL get them for you! And played with "his baby" for hours on end while i mostly sat limp and dizzy on the floor. He also entertained the low appetite baby while i spoon-fed her mashed up fruit --in retrospect, i really wish we hadn't done that.

But all the baby barfing gave me a guilt-free pass to hold her all i want. And while i'm ready to cry from exhaustion, it also makes me laugh when i get to her room and sure enough, she's sitting there in barfbarfybarf--but when she sees me come in, turn on the lights, and pick her up: she's ready to party. 

I want my Amma too.



ZenDenizen said...

Awww you are such a good mommy!

Blue said...

Sorry you are sick! Feel better! Sip soup and eat saltines!

Anonymous said...

sorry you're feeling under the weather! hope you and the kiddo get back to normal soon. i had my first bout of illness after baby and my little one also got sick at the same time...i truly sat and cried my eyes out from feeling so sorry for myself and him. but that's one more thing off our list that we've survived! :)

suitablegirl said...

Poor kozhandai, I wish I were near, I'd bring you rasam and I'd babysit. Oh, and I'd traumatize my buddy Li'l A, of course. ;) Meanwhile, Panda is appalled that Noooo barfs after coughing. "Babies DO that???" :D

maya said...

Thanks, Kannas; I've been better since Monday and all better now. Soup, rasam and babysitting sound awesome though. Don't let my normalcy dissuade you :).