Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Showcase: Li'l A

Given the crypto minimalistic, going-nowhere nature of my last couple of poetry posts, I’ve decided to showcase instead the work of a true, and incidentally very young, master of the minimalist form.

The following two poems were composed by Li’l A a couple of summers ago when he was five.

Poem 1: For me

I love you little,
I love you middle,
I love you lots.
I love you.

Li'l A's grandmother’s distress at not having a poem dedicated to her prompted her to commission one, and the result was the following, more sophisticated, production.

This second poem has an obviously mischievous punch and is expertly poised between affectionate teasing and outright provocation--as such, it’s an excellent illustration of the poet‘s relationship with the subject : ).

Poem 2: For Ammama

You smell like cheese.
You’re soft like cheese.
Do you taste like cheese?
I LOVE cheese!

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