Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Big Ohio Con(fluence)

I’d never been to Ohio. But this year, first there was the wedding in Yellow Springs (Big A is all Ohio-born and mostly-Ohio bred); my favorite cousin Bhooshy won a Fulbright to Case Western University; Ninni, easily my nicest cousin, has a teaching gig at Dayton; and to trump it all, the best sister ever (mine) may be posted to Ohio on her next assignment--it certainly looks like ol’ Ohio is being colonized by the Gadadoss cousins.

So Ohio is going up in my--highly irrational--rankings.

I don’t think the Gadadosses are related to Ohioan Subodh Chandra who’s ran for Attorney General of Ohio. But I like him a lot… Check out his on-spot, personal response to George Allen’s Macacagate here.

to be missed--the adorable pix of his two-year-old triplets flaunting Macacagate tees.

Chandra had this to say on SM after Allen "apologized" more than a week after the incident:

The op-ed was written before news broke of Allen's supposed "apology" to Sidarth, which sounds like it's a another "I'm sorry if I offended you" rather than the apology it should have been. And it sure sounds like it's part of a "having-it-both-ways" strategy.

Here's my George-Allen-fantasy apology: "I'm sorry that my mother, a French-Tunisian immigrant, taught me slurs about dark-skinned people. I'm sorry that I used one and 'welcomed you to America' and 'the real world of Virginia' when you are as American and more Virginian than I am. I'm sorry I sought in that moment also to humiliate you in front of an all-white audience and rally them to view you as unAmerican. Oh, and I am firing my campaign manager for saying this was no big deal because it is, and for continuing to try to undermine my apology."

Now that would be impressive.

On the basis of these six (if you count the adorable triplets) robust reasons alone, I’ve already pimped Chandra to Big A who thinks he’s still registered to vote in Ohio.


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The best sister ever! :)

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