Saturday, May 26, 2018

"An Evening in India"

I've always wanted to run a restaurant, so I was so thrilled when people bid on my offering, "An Evening in India" at the UU silent auction. It was BUSY, so I don't have a single picture, but I'm going to leave the menu here.

I'll also leave it here that the kids chafed a bit at the relentless exotification and snarked: Do we have to dress up in Indian clothes too? Rascals.

An Evening in India Menu
Course 1:     A Warm Welcome
v Chiwda (fried lentil and dried fruit mix)
v Samosas (savory pastries)
v Aloo Tikki (spicy potato bites)
v Nimbu Pani (Lemon Water)
Course 2:     Fresh Beginnings
v Shorba: Carrot-ginger coconut-milk soup with roasted cauliflower
Course 3:     The Heart of it All
v Indian Flag Pulao (Basmati Rice with green peas and carrots)
v Mughalai Chicken with sultanas and apricots
v A very, very, very veggie curry with panneer (cottage cheese)
v Mango Dhal (Lentils with unripe mango, toasted coconut, coriander, and tomatoes)
v Cucumber and celery Raita (yogurt-cumin sauce) w/ mint
Course 4:     Sweet Endings
v Mango kulfi ice cream with cardamom and almond sprinkles
v Mava (milk and caramel cake)
v Mukhwas (mouth-freshening fennel candy)
v Mint Tea

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