Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dropping Nu off at school this morning,
I saw a woman in the opposite lane
I guess she'd just dropped her kids off?

Her face was scrunched up, red, angry.
She was sobbing. She wore a scarf
on her head that sat flat like she had no hair.

I instantly know what her story is
Imagine I know how she feels
about dropping her kids off at school

About the rest of us undeserving fools
who don't bother thinking about
school drop offs next year

Although we probably should.
I want to be told what to do for her
Big A says, it's not about you.



AAL said...

Trying very hard not to cry at the coffee shop.

maya said...

Sorry, AAL :/.

I know you've had a few days wrestling with the possibility (me too).

Big A is a guy--what does he know... Do you think I should say or do something when I see her in school again?

Queen of Hats said...

It's possible the school/class has already has some sort of support for her. I'd ask at the front office (or if you know which class her kid is in). If not, I would just ask, "What can I do to help?" If she says nothing, give her your card, anyway.

maya said...

Thanks, AAL. This is more in keeping with what I had in mind.