Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Such As

Yesterday my mom and Big A both took planes. Big A for job interviews; my mom to go home. I started crying at the airport and didn’t stop till I went to bed early with the babies.

So yes, I missed and moped for my man and my ma, but despite the leaden, weepy way the day (and the weather) started out today--I felt less and less child bride/teen mom with each passing hour. (Needless to say, I’m neither child nor teen, but I think the two who took planes are sometimes guilty of treating me thus. Such as.)

Also, in seriously funny stuff--I’m going to see the Russell Peters show at MSG on Fri. YES! Big A got me stage-side tix and I’m going with P who is a childhood friend or cousin (yeah, only like about 26 times removed), but actually feels like my sister. (cough) Such as (cough). Man, I tell you--somebody gonna get a hurt real bad.


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