Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Conference It

Yup. It's me, and i'm still awake. I'm taking the earliest train to Philly for a conference in a few hours--obviously, there's not much point in going to sleep now.

The good news is that the thorough comprehensiveness of my paper title just about slays me.

The bad news is that saying "Falling Outside the Tracks We Laid: An Exploration Through Prose, Pictures, and Film of the non Assimilation of Indian-Africans During East-African Nationalism and British Colonialism" a modest seven or so times will inevitably exhaust the twenty or so minutes i'll have to present.



Anonymous said...

Um, Maya...

wouldn't it have been easier to call it "Mombassa Masala" and let them connect the dots?

Good luck at the talk, break a leg, don't fall outside the tracks, etc.

maya said...

Teju, What genius! Abbreviation and audience participation all at one stroke--why didn't *i* think of this before, dammit?

Nevermind, there's always recycling papers (and i don't mean recycling in an Al Gore-y fashion :).

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm an academic myself, Zamzam, so I know ALL ABOUT recycling, nugge nudge wink wink.

maya said...

Teju, YOU are my NBF (new bestest friend)!!!