Monday, September 04, 2006


Okaaay: It's been pointed out that i misrepresented myself in the post below.

The allegation being that i'm actually pretty oblivious and have failed in the past to recognize close family members, good friends etc. on the street even when they were yelling my name and waving at me.

And in addition, i once walked through two museum rooms holding the hand of some surprised, unknown guy, because i 'd blindly reached for and grabbed what i believed was the hand of my younger cousin, but was actually the hand of above specified guy. Mea Culpa.

[And sotto voce: i did say i notice good-looking people. :)]

Let the record show that my point re. not making said good lookers uncomfortable, stands.


pied piper said...

you could do what i'd do and blame it on an outdated contact lens prescription. ;)

maya said...


You peops with contacts have the best alibis ever!

*Please excuse the bad language.

pied piper said...

maya said, "Drat!*"

GASP!! i sure hope you don't talk that way in front of li'l a....

maya said...


He can handle it, believe you me.