Friday, December 06, 2019


I'm still riled up from the aftereffects of reading the investigator's report yesterday.

Got to work early and was hanging out in SS's hallway talking about our NB kids when we heard a thud and someone shouting for 911. Turns out a student, who was in DD's office for an oral exam, had fallen out of their chair and was seizing. I ran downstairs to show the ambulance people to the right office, convinced the student to go to the hospital since their seizure had lasted longer than ten minutes, and the day never really quieted down after that.

In between student conferences (not a teaching day), there was lots of time, apparently, for me to find assorted friendly colleagues to break down in front of. Ugh. I reapplied lip balm and mascara, but I don't think I'm actually going to make it to the campus holiday party. I need it to be the weekend already.

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