Saturday, November 02, 2019

In review

With Big A in Denver (conference) and then off again to Traverse City (triathlon) it's been almost a whole week of living companionably with just one human--Nu. Most of the time, it's been just us, doing school and work and schoolwork and school/work, cooking, watching baking shows, baking, reading, making tea for each other, having sleepovers in the rumpus room with scary movies--one big huddle of squeals, jump scares, and puppies. Scout and Huck randomly taking off to bark at windows and doors adds a nice touch of freakout to any scary movie experience, I must say.

I made us leave the house yesterday to go to a comedy show at JG's temple and took L, T, and C along. But even there it was just mostly us as this silly selfie demonstrates. 

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