Friday, September 20, 2019

Tea for Toes

I was supposed to go to a community reading of Sachiko and a yoga hike with LB and CF yesterday, but I'd messed up and yesterday was also the day Big A had noted on the family calendar that he planned to take his grant grantors to dinner. (I'll admit to completely taking for granted that Big A won't go out in the evening unless I make him...)

Nu and I were playing cards when CF popped by to give us a hug before she headed home. And then we were all sitting cozy, cuddled up with puppies, a teapot of peppermint tea, extra cupcakes from a birthday celebration at work, and the first episode of Derry Girls cued up, because we wanted CF to see it.

When I thought no one was watching me, I applied my hot tumbler of tea to my sore toe and when I looked up, Nu and CF were doing the same to their feet. I'm chuckling now remembering them both murmur "mmm that feels nice..." My intergenerational posse!


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