Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Dog-Eared Day

dog-eared day:
our ears are knotted with burrs
delicious burrs from dashing round
and round the garden looking for squirrels
looking for some deer, looking for turkeys, people
people like our family who then sigh loudly
when we come into the family room
when we've got more burrs than fur
--but they've got us

This is both Scout and Huckie; but Huckie is the bigger criminal. She had stuff ALL over her face especially around her ears, eyes, and mouth. Big A is working tonight, so I had to cut it all off with tiny scissors while At and Nu held her still and spoke soothingly to her. It was HARROWING. I was terrified I'd hurt her or that she'd jar me with sudden movement and get hurt. Nu gave me a hug for being brave later on and said she could feel my heart jumping right through my chest when she did. Our non-human part of the family is nuts.

Also, as the kids said, we should get Big A to do this in the future, he is the professional, after all.


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