Thursday, June 07, 2018

Field Trip All Day

Greenfield Village: Nu's backpack holds 
bug spray, sunscreen, lunch, a water bottle, 
phone, headphones, assorted purchases 
and THREE books she brought from home.

When Nu went to pretend suffragette jail. 
We'd just watched excerpts from Iron Jawed Angels* in there 
and her expression while appropriate, nevertheless cracks me up. 
Both girls were horrified that women were not allowed to attend college.

The real, actual, Rosa Parks Bus
I loved that  Nu remembered 
the statue of Rosa Parks sitting in the Capitol 
from our D.C. visit two years ago.

* And as I linked to the film's Wikipedia link, I was mildly horrified both by the lack of a hyphen in the title and the gratuitous seminudity on the poster. Really?!?

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