Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Horror

At just finished reading Conrad's Heart of Darkness and wants to watch Apocalypse Now.

Why? Because he heard that those were the cultural artifacts that inspired a video game he loves called Spec Ops. It appears to be a first-person-shooter game, but At assures me there are more peaceful ways to play the game. We had a long car-conversation once about "it teaches that killing people is wrong" (At) and "you didn't already know killing people is wrong?" (me).

Whatever. I've assigned the Conrad to college students multiple times to complaints of "too hard to read." So currently, I'm a proud mama to a 14-year-old (less-than-stellar report card notwithstanding).


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Attorney at Large said...

Good for At!! You should be proud of him--I love it. I think he takes after his Mama. :)

(Although Apocalypse Now...yeesh. That's a tough film. I'd read everything Conrad wrote rather than watch the film.)

College students say it's too hard? *Why* are they in college, again?