Monday, October 07, 2013

In Other Are You F*&^%ing Effing With Me News

I know you must feel terrible. I know I do every single day I drop my kids off at school. But Newtown people, it doesn't make any sense to raze your elementary school so another elementary school can be built on the same site. 

Over and over again at the link, the rhetoric is so that "we can bring our children home." I'm sorry. I'm sorry about it every day, but those children cannot come home.

Can you not use your resources on public health and education services instead and show the rest of us how to deal with and prevent those tragedies from happening?


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Attorney At Large said...

I hadn't heard that. I just...I get it maybe a little, but I really can't believe that in *2013* people can be so culturally, sociologically tone deaf.