Friday, May 04, 2012


She has a freshly-minted teen for a sibling, so 4-year-old Nu sounds like she's in middle school too.

Truer to say she tries to sound like that. Frequently, there's a small hilarious twist somewhere. The ones we're currently enjoying:

REGULAR PHRASE                                                                  NU'S VERSION
"Blew my mind"               -------------------------------------->       It's blowing UP my mind
(EXAMPLE: Alligators in the sewers? Really Nana? That's blowing up my mind!)

REGULAR PHRASE                                                                 NU'S VERSION
"For real"                          ------------------------------------->        For real LIFE
(EXAMPLE: Uh-huh. It IS true. Alligators in the sewers. For REAL LIFE!)

Naturally, we've been going around using "that's blowing up my mind" and "for real life" with abandon. And sometimes people will look at me funny, perhaps because I'm not a native speaker and they're wondering how to let me know that that's not how you're supposed to say it...


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