Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hope (n.) Vs. Hope (v.)

Five students have followed me from last semester and into the new class that started yesterday, so I should be feeling validated as a teacher.

But the teaching gig that I applied to back in November and sent additional material to in December, and interviewed for in Seattle in January, and have obsessed about since I first heard about it in April of 2011 has completely passed me by.

Other scholars have received follow up interviews.

But not me. not me.

Disbelief and crying.

Crying and wondering.

L & N tell me there's something better in store.

I hope so.



Attorney At Large said...

I'm so sorry. No doubt there is something better in store, but that doesn't take the sting out of this loss. Hugs to you.

Ani said...

Keep the faith girl.

maya said...

Thanks for holding my hand, AAL and Ani. I don't know how, but it really helps.