Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fun with Grandparents (at three years old)

(Remember you still get your shoes on the wrong foot every single time, in complete refutal of the laws of probability.) Wander over to where your grandparents are hanging out, with just one shoe dangling from your finger. Nonchalantly ask your over-eager Thatha for help getting it on. After he does, and offers to help you with the other one too, say dismissively:
I don't need your help anymore, Thatha, I know which foot the other one goes on. Thanks.
Test the waters to see if your newly-arrived grandparents are more cooperative than your other family members about turning on the TV at your command. After your grandparents have refused to turn on the TV for you, play a few games of Connect Four, then casually suggest that you play pretend school. Claim the part of teacher before anyone else does. Then demand:
Turn on the TV now. I'm the teacher, you MUST listen to me. Do it NOW.

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