Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Topless on Facebook (and almost Eyeless in Gaza)

Nope, not another inadvertent cleavage mishap.

These are actually pictures of my three-year-old playing on the Slip N' Slide with some of her best friends in the neighborhood and Li'l A. Our neighbor J hailed us just as we returned from Li'l A's allergy shot expedition and the kids went off nextdoors in their running shorts and tees, stripped off their tees, and proceeded to have a muddy good time.

All the other kids are boys, and Baby A is both the youngest and a girl. No one cared except a cross-country friend who called to counsel that I cover up the three-year-old's chest. I'd talk Topfreedom, except that even that's not the issue as most three-year-old girls are literally undifferentiated from most three-year-old boys chest-wise.


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