Saturday, May 28, 2011

Home Theater

Just dropped the kids off at the grandparents, who are bravely taking them to see the local production of 42nd Street.

Before they left, both brats had accused me of cruelty... to their toys.

I put Baby A's plastic dragon in the sink, and she cried through my explanation that having dropped him in dog poop, we owed him a bath. "But you just don't understand," she spluttered, "he can't swim; you're dying [killing] him."

Li'l A's accusation was a little more sophisticated. I'd arbitrarily taken the skeleton animal he won at the fair and given it to Baby A because she was whiiiiiiining to see it. "You're like a slave master," he smirked, "you took my baby and gave it someone else."

Your actors have been:


EH said...

LOVE that picture!

maya said...

Thanks, E.H.! I have no idea why I like it; so far I have (a) I have so few pictures with my kids (b) all the goofy expressions that make me smile.