Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Seige of Misrata (Take 2)

(So I went back and read the original post--which I'd made for a dear student from Libya who hasn't been able to speak to her family for over a month. The whole thing felt like the equivalent of a rant. Worse, all the pronouns made it sound like the conflict was all about me. I was trying to express solidarity, but it didn't convey well. So first I took out all the pronouns. But it was still too dense and heavy, so I pared it down further. Better now, but it doesn't say everything I mean it to say.)

The Seige of Misrata (Take 2)

The run can start
the walk has not.
Run, run, and run 
skies never change

the sky is bloody fruit 
newsprint flattens cities
flight falls like attack,
sudden desert nights.

Loud around us 
art is bursting.
Reloading. Pulse. 
Repulse. of news.


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