Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Because the Night

Baby A is better (eating ice cream). In yesterday's panic, we forgot to set the alarm and Li'l A was late for school. Big A is making me a panini with havarti and leftover curried eggplant.

In other Big A news, he's working mostly nights these days (days--heh.). By choice. We decided that given his 10-12 hours shifts, this way he'd be better able to share daily fun times with the kids (dinner, games, lolling evenings) as opposed to working days when he might see them for a brief moment merely to hug and kiss goodbye.

It's also working out great because there's a backup parent in case kids need to be home when they're sick; it works out that I can attend evening events without kids; it works out that I can drag him to as many  parties as I want.

It's working out. Except for all the nights when I can't get to sleep or the times I wake up and instantly know there's no one next to me in our tiny bed.

And oh--he's so very sleepy as he sets off for work.

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