Sunday, February 13, 2011

Multipurposing Mozart

My favorite moment was when Li’l A poked around in the program and told me that “Wolf-Gang” would be a terrifying name for a crime syndicate.

And yes, the concert was beautiful. Libby Larsen’s “Parachute Dancers” was menacing fun, and the Mozart (39) was both playful and plaintive. It made me a little teary from happiness that these accidental assemblies of notes exist to revisit.

And yes, dressed up in a blazer and on Tylenol for his neck sprain, Li'l A was the perfect philharmonic companion—the street musician we always pay our respects to (cash, natch) gave him a lift of the eyebrow and called him "Daddy-O" to the amusement of all the older patrons waiting to get into the Schuster Center.

But no, I didn't have an answer for why we paid two dollars to the man outside and hundreds for Neal Gittleman's crew inside. Is it because the musicians inside have to share?


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