Monday, January 03, 2011

So, HA!

Baby A turned three (in Oct), attends early Pre K now. (So not so much a baby, I know.) We'd like to blame Pre K for the following:

- playing with the stock photos of some fake/generic family that came with new photo frames.
- claiming to be "in love with this family."
- adding, "But they don't care about you; they only care about me. So, HA!"
- making Li'l A and me sitting with her at the kitchen table nearly die from laughing.

However, it would be nice if we had something to do with this next thing. With sweet J her 6-year-old-playmate, whose dad had taken all the kids to go see Miyazaki's Ponyo when it opened last summer:
Baby A: Ok. Let's play the Ponyo game. I'll be Soskye. You be Ponyo.
Sweet J: Ok. But no. YOU be Ponyo, I'll be Soskye. Ponyo is a girl.
Baby A: No. Ponyo is a little fishie from the sea. So, HA!
Is it horrible of me to be happy that my daughter is a bit of a brat too? Actually, I don't care. So, HA!

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