Sunday, September 27, 2009

Zizek describes the Israeli occupation as Kafkaesque

He misspells Saree Makdisi. But nevermind that, he says this: 
On Israel’s end, what goes on is the incessant slow work of taking the land from the Palestinians in the West Bank: the gradual strangling of the Palestinian economy, the parcelling of their land, the building of new settlements, the pressure on farmers to make them abandon their land—all supported by a Kafkaesque network of legal regulations.

I'm still puzzling out this sign-off statement which has the ambitious glaze of greatness about it: 
And, to avoid any kind of misunderstanding, taking all this into account in no way implies an “understanding” for inexcusable terrorist acts. On the contrary, it provides the only ground from which one can condemn the terrorist attacks without hypocrisy.
The "only" ground? Is he sure? There appears to be plenty of other "grounds" for condemnation.


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