Thursday, August 14, 2008

Baby talk 1: The boom-boom

Baby A is nine months old. She’s not talking yet, but there are plenty of words she seems to recognize. Her name for instance. And “no;” at which she’ll pause, acknowledge our stuffy parental opinion with an indulgent yet rebellious smile, and resume business. And (this is SO cute!) “pet,” upon which she’ll pet-pet-pet your hair, “dance” upon which she‘ll bop on her butt, and “clean” to which she‘ll use whatever‘s handy to wipe a nearby surface clean.

And she has words too. To be precise, she has a very versatile, “boom-boom.” I think she likes the way it feels in her mouth, so she uses it for everything. Even when she’s feeling lonely in the back seat of the car all by herself and goes boom-boom, waaah-waaah, boom-boom, wah-WAH! We’ll have to talk to her about that; it’s completely unconvincing as a heartrending cry for help. Boom-boom.



suitablegirl said...

AWWWW! What I wouldn't give to be petted or witness some booty-shaking from Nooooooo. And "clean"? My OCD-sustaining heart swells with pride.

Do try and video this "boom boom"ing, would you? With your cell or something? It sounds TOO CUTE! :D

maya said...

Also purely from watching us, pumping hand-sanitizer into her palms and rubbing them to evaporation. Just thought it might make the girl who's second word was "dirrrty" something else to connect to ;).

That pic of diapered you and your dad in the car? There's a composite of that and my daughter somewhere in my head (heart).