Saturday, August 16, 2008

Baby Immunity

Baby A is fascinated by kids, so instead of looking for a nanny here in our new town, we found her a place in a great group care for children under three. She seems to like it there. There‘re lots more people to boss, plus--extra walks, new toys, cheerios anytime she feels like it--the perks are great. But after three days there, she came home on Wednesday with a runny nose and has been running a temperature with a hacking cough and full-blown cold since.

And because she’s been trailing a toxic river of snot, her brother and father are sick too. And their coughing has led to some quality kneeling time at the commode, so the boys are barf-brothers now.

Me? I’m hearty as a gundu-rayi (the proverbial grinding stone). Despite frequently rubbing noses with the original and subsequent rivers of snot. Big A says: Not every one can be lucky enough to grow up in the “third world.”



Maurice Reeves said...

Children are amazingly efficient factories and carriers of pathogens, aren't they? Some people we know are going to have their first baby soon, and they've requested that my two kids not be around their newborn for the first month because of "germs", but then they're going to park said infant in a day care...

You can't teach some people.

maya said...

That's silly. May be they're concerned about those first ten weeks that everyone is always warning new parents about. But even then!!