Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Don’t know why i love him

Me: Know something sobering? Rushdie--death threat, divorces, age and all--has turned out yet another book in the time I’ve spent writing this one dissertation.

Big A: Bet you he’s also been to a lot more trendy parties that you have.

Me: Now that’s just being cruel!



tamasha said...

Ha! 'Cause he's funny, presumably.

Anonymous said...

Clearly he's sublimating his unhappiness with life, whereas you are so blissful that you don't feel compelled to rush books out an unseemly rate.

maya said...

Tamasha: :)!

Ennis: I wish! I've been in sorrow so deep it was practically deathlike--can't say any books or even any creativity happened at all.

Nice try, however :)!

Buffy said...

Rushdie makes me want to cry.