Monday, February 25, 2008



NuNu LaLa,
Nu-nu Noodles,
Nooner, Noonster, Noony--
Oops you’re a girl--
NoonIE (Boonie),

Uppity, Appuchi,
Ammachi, Chapuchi,
Chippie, Chweeky, Chinaari,
Chinna Kukka, Chinnamma,
Chinna Rani,

Kung-Fu Cash Money,
Slobber monkey,
Amma bujji,
Aacha paapa,
Amma Kanna,

Stinky Pants,
Squeaky Butt,
Spittles and Giggles,
Your Tiny-ness,
You Big, Rowdy Mess

(If only you got
As much respect
As you get love.)


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