Thursday, February 22, 2007

My father's marriage and me

My father was supposed to marry a princess--the daughter of the Raja of Ettayapuram. When he paid the palace a visit with his family, they found her very short and too fat. Then a family friend took them to meet my mother. Her family weren’t “Poligars” or even Padma Velama, but the girl (my mom! my mom!) was tall, lovely, and college-educated. Amma offered my dad some coffee and he promptly fell for her.

He also got too fond of retelling this story with the punchline, “Who needs a princess when you have a queen?”

Reasons why I’m glad dad didn’t marry the Ettayapuram girl.
  • I might have turned out short and fat.
  • I love my mom etc.
  • The Ettayapurams got their titles for betraying Kattaboman and kissing British ass.
  • Although a few generations later they did become Subramania Bharati’s official patron, so perhaps they kind of redeemed themselves.
  • Let’s just stick with i might have turned out short and fat.



Ganesh said... wouldn't even be you, but what a lovely story!

i like the white, but when i tried it out on my own blog, everyone hated it (see the comments).

maya said...


Welcome back!

You're right of course--i was just being flippant.

Although perhaps this is one place where i have no right to be. My parents were so different--they knew all the cool Dr. Spock-y, self-esteem-y things to do while all around us too many kids claimed to have boring or abused lives.

I saw the comments on your blog, although i didn't catch the white-look itself, but i kinda like how uncomplicated it looks!

Anonymous said...

What're you sayin' about short people? Huh? Huh?

maya said...

Hey Tamasha,

I’m inclined to think that you’re joking:

So the flippant answer is that short people aren’t as lovely as my mom.

Although without apposite smileys, I’m not quite sure if you‘re joking or genuinely offended…

So the earnest answer is:
Of course, I’m not saying anything negative about short people, or fat people for that matter; there are millions who carry less than “perfect” height or weight proudly and in ways perfect for them.

Personally I prefer tall to short, slender to fat. The third strike in the Indian trifecta of aesthetic undesirability--dark skin--doesn’t register with me, possibly because I’m dark-skinned myself.

And obviously, these are purely *aesthetic* preferences; they are unrelated to personal merit and under no circumstances can they outweigh humanitarian worth.

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