Tuesday, January 09, 2007


[Being a ditty that I scribbled in the margins of my Economics Reader the day I received my first payment of pocket money--a sum of 25 princely rupees--at age 15*.]

Digit-al dreams rise through the senses
Budgeting income and desires
Desires badger on seemingly relentless
And my limited income expires.

If one had everything one wanted
There would be nothing left to buy
Money is therefore vastly overrated
And there really is no need to sigh.

* So although I cannot claim any real childhood hardship [I.e. I never walked to school uphill in the snow etc., or ever even walked to school...] I’ll never tire of pointing out to Li’l A that his $2.00 per week trumps my Rs. 25 per month in all of these ways: age of recipient, value of amount, frequency of payment.


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