Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Weighting Game

Everyone expects to see me all frail and waifish after surgery. Instead I look happy and bouncy. The latter may be rationalized as follows: happiness at my reprieve and a no-exercise caveat coupled with my legendary, all-day noshing habit.

And I've checked--it's a gain of approx. three and a half pounds. It doesn’t sound much, except that I’m not very tall and my bones are pathetic--my wrists and ankles, for instance, are undersized even for most nine-year-olds. So… although this sounds terribly body-dysmorphic, a difference of three pounds shows, and I can feel it in the fit and fall of my clothes.

Or as the numbers at the bottom of this show, BMI is a whole different game where south asians are concerned. (Thanks, TMB.)

Glad it’s back to the weights room now.


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