Thursday, December 28, 2006

Sometimes life is indeed like a Bollywood movie

The family of _____ no longer talk to him following his wedding to his long-time girlfriend _____, a member of ____’s lower caste Yahar community.
Total Bollywoood ishtyle, no? Except it takes place in Somalia and reads:
The family of Sahal Abdi-kafi no longer talk to him following his wedding to his long-time girlfriend Zamzam Ahmed, a member of Somalia's lower caste Yahar community.
Most delightful points of note in the article are:
(a) the wonderfully-named Zamzam.
(b) that the title of the post isn’t me, but a quote from the bride.

Seriously. See last line of the linked article. Now i'm off to see if my sister will indulge my desire to be called "Zamzam."



Anonymous said...

excellent find, zamzamaya.

Anonymous said...


maya said...

Thank you, Piper and Tamasha.


*Takes a bow*

Anonymous said...

Bah! Is the Piper trying to knock me off "NBF" top spot?

I can see rght thru yr dirty trix.

Anonymous said...

Pshaw, Teju. You think I'm that insecure? I'm confident enough in my status as OBF that I certainly don't need to pilfer any NBF titles from you. ;)

maya said...

Very well played, Piper!

And i must say, i'm a little unnerved that the oh-so-erudite Teju Cole speaks "text" :)

And, also a general reminder that the "newer bestest friend" (NrBF) and "newest bestest friend" (NstBF) spots are still open. (I should be so lucky!)


Anonymous said...

Hahaha, PP, u been pwnd! Dnt try 2 b trcky. L8r, h8r.

Zamz, upgrade me to NrBF, & I'll call truc3.

ps Wots "rUdyt"?

pied piper said...

yo teju -- ain't been pwnd at all. you want to be flavor of the month, be my guest, and we can check in again in february when i will still be OBF and you'll be ON, OFN, or maybe even ROFN.


Anonymous said...

watevs, pypr, watevs.

zamz, lets hang out in...oh i dunno...FEB!! Jzz std? No suxxors invtd.

l8r ppl

maya said...

Gentle nudge @ Piper--Dude, although the new Teju's writing sucks (Teju, nota bene: "SUX") he sure is consistent about the Zamzam bit :b.

Thanks for playing along, Piper and TC!