Tuesday, December 05, 2006

On How to see _Apocalypto_ Before Hell Freezes

The previews for Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto are tremendously breathtaking, and the early word is that the movie is pretty darn amazing.

Although who wants to give Mel Gibson their money? Ummm, no one? Exactly.

I guess there’s always buying tickets for another movie and then slipping into this one.

(And I don’t know whether I deserve a therapist, an agent, or a parole officer for that brainflash.)



pied piper said...

So material support is bad, but moral support is okay? Hmmmph.

maya said...

In this case i dunno that it qualifies as "moral support" unless it can be quantified by means of ticket sales etc.; it would be more like underhanded artistic curiosity.

My major problem with the idea is that it's pretty mean-spirited and hence only worthy of the Not-A-Very-Good-Idea bin. (Apply additional stress and double connotation to "good.")

Anonymous said...

That sounds better.