Thursday, October 26, 2006

“Have A Nice Say”

Was emblazoned on a T-shirt that Big A had in his closet.

And I was coolly persuading him to give it away. Not that it was horrible or anything, it was just another ordinary tee--but somehow, in my dream, i had intuited that it was a gift from someone in his 'Past'.

As I awoke, my dream deciphered itself in my head. Big A and his college g/f have remained good friends since they broke up like ten years ago. And the slogan in my dream is a play on her name, which features the letters “A,” “N,” “I,” “S,” and “A” prominently .

Everything fell into place.

My first feeling was horror that deep down I might harbor harsh feelings about someone who is very likeable and about whom i've heard some awfully nice things.

After that passed, however, it‘s been plain awestruck admiration for the brilliant wordplay in my subconscious :).



R.C. said...

That's not a good enough reason. If you want reasons not to be with him, ask your friend R. ;)

SKA said...

Hey Maya, What happened? Whats with the bleepers? Problems in honeymoon land?

maya said...

Wow. What's with the comments, guys? It really *cuts* when you thoroughly misunderstood what i'm saying. Some of my best friends are words, damnit :)!

Ok--to clarify--this was a dream, so the only problem is that i'm all too human and it turns out that i have a (repressed) jealous streak. Big A agrees, and is, i suspect, slightly chuffed to see me all territorial-like.