Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Back to Bom(bs)

Seven bomb blasts in Mumbai (erstwhile Bombay) yesterday. Police found and defused the eighth bomb before it went off. The death toll is at 183 with 700 injured.

It feels unsavory in an Arendt-enthused way to sit down--with a bowl of your favorite cereal and too much milk as usual--to work, which today = call photographers to set up shoot dates.

Though it feels a little better to know that that’s exactly what the resilient people of Mumbai are doing as well… As Dilip D’Souza reports it, the newspaper, milk, and bread were delivered on time in Bombay.


Other things that are flitting through my mind at random:

--That close to a 1000 families have undergone an overnight change.

--That the news channels need to stop calling it "7-11;" it sounds like a very annoying joke.

--That yesterday just before the news broke, I e-mailed my friend Deesh who was in Mani Ratnam’s film Bombay, which is about the 1993 Bombay bomb attacks, to tell him that I had been talking to people about him and that we were going to watch the movie.

--That the death toll is comparable to the London and Madrid bomb attacks, but news media in the U.S. don't seem to be paying any attention/giving enough information.

--That Auden does somethings so well.

--That “Back to Bom!” is the chant of the Sinai children in Midnight’s Children and how it just won't sound as innocent anymore.

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