Friday, August 09, 2019

Summer gardens

Earlier this summer, Big A built these planters--one for each of us--to grow veggies. We're all not that outdoorsy, so I didn't know how it would take... but the kids love it.

I have never heard them watch or discuss the weather so much or show so much solicitude for things in their care. It has been so affirming all around.

Today I spent hours pulling weeds and trimming while At and Nu watered and giggled and did some solid work putting some ornamental fencing up so the puppies won't wander in.

My chore-averse kids claim it's more fun than work... And they say:
"From the genius who brought you "Boss Day" comes another fun family idea."
 Me. They're talking about me.

#GardenAsTherapy #EscapeThe News

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