Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Quit Dicking Around

I want to remember Weiner (for now he's basically dead to me) this way and this way. To remember the signage of this and this.

I'll have to stop saying "More Weiner, Less Boehner" (and mispronouncing Bay-nor to make it a satisfying but very illogical pun).

Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy must progressive allies reveal them themselves to be such fuckers?

Big A, the feminist, says that some guys figure out way back in college that being feminist will earn the admiration and affection of the women around them. Hmmm; computing ;).


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EH said...

How timely. Today I was thinking about a college professor who took advantage of a young student (in his class). I represented the student pro bono. The professor is a Class A narcissist who took advantage of the university's consensual relationship policy (yeah, there is one) over and over again - often in the context of his pro-women classes.