Sunday, December 21, 2008

What seems to be the problem, Officer?

First thing today, I was face to face with a suspicious policeman with a flashlight in the freezing darkness. Also, hopping from foot to foot because I was still in the tee and chuddies I’d worn to bed. The saving grace: I only had the top half of the Dutch door open, so hopefully he didn’t see the superman logo on my undies--my superhero identity is safe.

A few minutes earlier, the security alarm had gone off and I hadn’t responded promptly enough because I thought it was just Big A letting himself in after work.

A few months earlier, Big A started grumbling about how installing a security system in a college town where crime is non-existent “is a waste of resources.” He still occasionally grumbles. But little A’s bedroom is on the floor below us and the baby’s room has a large window, and I’m paranoid.

And the policeman--he was so disappointed when I told him it was a false alarm. A few minutes earlier, he'd looked as eager as Li’l A at three, who would describe how he would “pachack” the bad guys as i put him to bed.*

* This was in Oxford, in the tiny little two-story flat the college had given the two of us. The sad, cold, cell-like, lonely flat that for some reason I just made myself really nostalgic about.


ZenDenizen said...

For some reason I thought it was going to be some kind of handcuffing fantasy sequence after you described what you were wearing. LOL

maya said...

Zen, you're a filthy, dirty girl!! Just so you know, the policeman was not the stuff of fantasies. Not every one can look as hot as you do in po-po garb ;)

suitablegirl said...

1) Whew. You had me so worried with the first few words...

2) Waste of resources? Anything which inspires blog posts is HARDLY a waste. ;) Seriously though...if you don't have a large German Shepherd, I'm glad you have a security system.

3) What language is "pachack"? :) I want to see a picture of Li'l A at three.

maya said...

SG, "Pachak" is onomatopoeia, or more precisely, the language of sound effects :P.

I'm glad you agree about alarms and such. Everyone always tries to tell me that the percentage of non-family abductions is something like 4%, but that is 58,000 children a year!

Li'l A at three was *so* cute!!! When i get Flickr figured out [next week?], you'll see. xx

Anonymous said...

i'm completely in love with onomatopoeia and go through phases...right now it's all about the 'smack'.

i'm with you on the paranoia with the kiddos...we had a brinks system installed the month after i gave birth b/c i was all sorts of scared that some lunatic would break into the house and steal the baby. :)