Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines: Still nice!

Yesterday Li’l A and I made chocolate and almond V-Day cookies. They looked perfectly heart-shaped pre baking… and came out quite round. Li’l A says, “Well circles are hugs aren’t they? Like XOXO? That’s still nice!” That ought to be our theme.

This year, Big A and I have put ourselves through some super stressors--new baby! trying to sell our house on the crappy market! our first grown-up job searches! less income because I’m not modeling—so yes, some of them are super *sweet* stressors, but… nevertheless… yet… I think that’s why this year we’re almost acknowledging (celebrating is going too far) Valentine’s Day for the first time ever—because these last couple of months have been quite difficult—and pedestrian, trumped-up fest or not, a day for love sounds—nice.

If you're reading this, i'd like you to know that i send you love and wish you much joyous love.
(Now forward this post to 15 friends if you want to meet your true love today... Just kidding!! :)


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